Wednesday, 8 August 2018


    Tuesday 7th August 2018

On Monday my mum drop me off to Kumon School.

When I got there I do Maths and English.

My dad pick me up from Kumo School.

My sister went to dance practice at her school.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Mt Eden.

                   Mt Eden On Thursday, we went to Mt Eden for let’s get active walk. The walk was very tiring. I saw 37 boats on the Panmure Bridge. From the top of Mt Eden, I saw the sky tower, One Tree hill and the crater.
I felt very tired after the walk, but I was happy.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Last week our class went to the Auckland Botanic Gardens. The weather there was sunny and windy. It is a big park with many different plants. I liked the Roses. There was not many flowers. We saw beautiful Camellia trees. It was a tiring walk. We came back to school around 2.30pm.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

My soldier in the bottle.

My Soldier In The Bottle

By Thiha

Once upon a time many years ago there was a happy soldier called Tom.

Tom had two friends named Jerry and Rico. Jerry stole Tom’s food. Tom and Jerry had a fight about the food. Tom and Jerry are not friends anymore.

Rico was playing with Tom’s gun. The gun went off by accident. Tom said “Oh no my friend is dead!”

Tom has no friends left in Auckland.He felt so sad. Tom was sad and lonely so he started learning to play a bagpipe. Tom was happy playing the bagpipe.

Tom was a really bad, terrible bagpipe player. His mother didn’t like it. She liked quite. To get some quiet Tom’s mother did some magic and put him in the bottle. Tom was not a happy soldier.

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         Silly Song by Thiha

Here is my Dog.

Lying on the Doubleball.

Here is my Hat.

Lying on my Head.

Here is my Bed.

Lying in the Bath.

Here is my Cat.

Lying on the Mat.

Here is my Ball.

I kick the Ball.

Here is my Bat.

Lying on the Cat.

Here is my School.

Lying on the Ghoul.

Here is my Cap.

Lying on the Pup.

Here is my Teacher Kevin.

He’s lying in the Heaven.

Here is my Mum.

She is lying on the Gum.

Winter Poem.


Smells like coffee.

Looks like it is going to snow.

Tastes like chicken soup.

Feels like I want to stay in bed.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Mount Wellington

On Thursday 14th June, Our class went to Mt Wellington at Glen Innes. We went for a walk. We walked for one hour. It was a sunny day. I saw a helicopter.

I had a lovely time with my class.